WaterCourse Foods



Yesterday I meet a friend at one of my favorite Vegan Restaurants in Denver, WaterCourse Foods and once again I was not disappointed. They have a nice outside patio but this time the seating was different in that it now has a rail height counter and bar stools. Comfortable but bar seating isn’t my favorite if you are with more than one other person for conversation. I liked the tables they had last time I was there but this does probably give them more outside seating and the neighborhood and lovely trees do make sitting outside here nice. I will add more pics next time I go. When you come in the main door they tease you with some fun clothing and cookbooks to buy. I usually leave with at least one book but restrained myself this time since I’m on the road a lot. They have lots of seating options inside from 2 seater bar tops to large booths that seat 6-8. There is also a banquet that can seat more with tables pulled together. The atmosphere is casual, lots of rustic wood and metal, which i love too, and family friendly.

We ordered a couple things to try and i usually get the Creole “Crab” cake. A crispy jackfruit crabcake with arugula, Cajun remoulade, capers and lemon.  I’m learning to use jackfruit more and when I didn’t eat plant based I loved crab cakes so I plan to do a jackfruit version of the one I used to make. IMG_20170619_152329

I also order the Caprese with the house made almond milk mozz, fresh tomato, arugula and balsamic glaze. The “cheese” had a great light texture and taste just like the milk version. And my friend had the street tacos. a great plate of black beans, sweet potatoes, onions, and peppers in soft taco shells with chipotle aïoli, avocado crème, and cilantro lime slaw. Served with sides of refried black beans, brown rice, and salsa. As you can see the apps I ordered are definitely big enough for a lunch entree.

I usually get a cocktail or Kombucha and everything I have ordered in the past  was excellent. This time I just had an iced coffee with coconut milk.

Service has been consistently good. the staff is very knowledgeable and this place is great at accommodating special diets

Next time your in the Denver area give it a try. It is vegan but your meat eating friends will be satisfied too, I promise.



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